Playlist/Content Editor software for LP-16 and uTrack24

uTool is the Cymatic Audio utility software that lets you exchange audio data between your Cymatic Audio recorder/player and your computer, create and manage playlists, organize synchronization groups and much more.

uTool is the indispensible companion to the Cymatic Audio players and recorders linking the worlds of hardware-based recording & playback together with your DAW.

uTool does automatic conversion of audio data from and to computers for seamless data exchange between DAW, uTrack24 and LP-16, turning your unit into the ultimate live capture tool and multitrack player.

Create Playback Content

  • Drag and drop mono, stereo and multi-channel WAV files to create your multitrack song projects
  • Create song projects with flexible output assignments and mixer settings
  • Save and load mixer presets in the Mixer panel
  • Craft custom-made playlists with exisiting song projects. Various start modes available to trigger the start of the next song in a playlist.
  • Prepare your set list and backing tracks offline, in advance, while monitoring through your computer’s sound output.
  • Playback multichannel audio songs directly on the Cymatic device outputs using uTool
  • Handy project & playlist management features such as duplicate projects, duplicate playlists, undo, redo etc.
  • Support for import/export of synchronized content with uTrack24
  • Edit Target tab helps to modify playlists or mixer parameters directly on the USB storage device

Import Recordings

  • Plug in the USB storage device with recordings and import them with a click of a button
  • Split the recordings into definable “maximum size” files for compatibility with your DAW
  • Imports can be managed with sessions
  • Imported recordings can be automatically added as song projects in uTool


– Windows® 7, 8 or 10
– 32 or 64 bit system


– Apple® OSX 10.8 or higher
– Any Mac hardware compatible with OSX 10.8 or higher


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