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In the year of the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises, Franz Mehrfert and his team decided that the fleet’s BGM systems needed upgrading. In close cooperation with Paul Freeman and his team at ‘Audio by the Bay‘ the Cymatic Audio uTrack24 was choosen for this project.

CoralatSea 32715C09A HR PR1

The workflow choosen for the creation and distribution of content for the Princess Cruise ships starts with the 24 channels of BGM and other music content being created in typical DAW environments. Then this 24-channel music content is assembled into 46-hour looped playlists using uTool software to ensure songs never being played at the same time of day. After the playlists are assembled, the complete content of audio and playlists is transferred to solid-state USB drives thru uTool, completing the project.
Each of the ships are regularly sent new content to ensure that the guests can enjoy up-to-date music, even while at the high seas.

Franz Merfehrt said “For this application we looked for a robust solution that could be easily deployed on the 50 ships across the Princess fleet. Reliability and ease-of-use where key factors in this decision. And now after nearly 9 months of 24/7 operation across the fleet, we can say with confidence that the Cymatic Audio uTrack24 fully lives up to this task”

Paul Freeman of Audio at the Bay noted: “Creating high-quality 46 hour multi-channel content already is quite a task. Having this content reliably played back 24/7 across the fleet that could be in any corner of the world at any time, posed quite another challenge. Any failures would immediately result in extensive replacement costs, so besides features, we needed reliability above all. For this project we were drawn to uTrack24 for its unique features like the ‘Autoplay’ function that automatically loads and plays a specific playlist after powering up. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that I was dealing with a company that would back us up should we need it. Many companies promise support and as I knew this project we would explore the boundaries of the feasible for this project, I needed a team that stands behind their products. And I am glad to say that the team at Cymatic Audio has proven to be there for us when we needed it!”

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